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Listing Prices and Services

All prices apply to active listings, which are for sale, lease or auction. Archived listings may be added at no charge, but they cannot include sale or contact information (unless they are open to the public).

Service Cost
Basic Listing $50 for 90 days
The basic listing service is required for new active listings and renewals.
Premium Services
Featured Listing $30 for 30 days
Daily Home Page Feature $20 per day
Weekly Home Page Feature $75 per week
Concierge Service $25 per listing

Basic Listing.

Our basic service includes:

  • A listing detail page with everything buyers need to know about your property, including how to contact you.
  • Plenty of space for descriptions, contact info, and feature lists.
  • Unlimited images.
  • A Downloadable sales flyer, if you have one.
  • Links to maps, real estate agent pages and virtual tours.
  • Support for Open Houses. Open houses are promoted on our main search page.
  • New Listings Email. Each week we send an email with new listings to our thousands of subscribers.
  • View Counter
  • Friendly Listing Page Address. This makes your listing easy to remember and promote.

Basic listings are

  • Flexible. You can include as much or as little information as you want.
  • Designed for search engine visibility.
  • Easy to set up and change.

Premium Services:

Featured Listing.

The Featured Listing Service puts your listing on the featured listing page and at the top of all matching search pages. It will also show up randomly in the featured section of our main Search page.

Cost: $30 per 30 days.
The Basic Listing Service is required to add this service.

Daily/ Weekly Home Page Feature.

Features your listing on our home page for a 24-hour period, or for 7 (usually) consecutive days.

Cost: $20 per day, or $75 per week.
The Basic Listing Service is required to add this service.

Concierge Service.

We provide an easy-to-use listing editor, so you can add and change listings yourself, whenever you like. And we will help you use it if necessary. But if you just want us to do the work, you can email the pictures and information, and we'll take care of it.

Cost: $25 per listing

Terms and Conditions

We offer online listing services for a fee. We don't get commissions or referral fees. Your fee will be the same whether or not you sell or rent your listing.

Listing fees are generally non-refundable. So, if you sell your old house 20 days into your 90-day listing, you won't get a refund. You may elect not to display the listing, or display it as sold or under contract, until the listing period expires.

We disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within your listing and other listings on the site. We make no representations about the effectiveness of the listings, or how many buyers will see your listing.

We do not allow the display of images without the permission of their copyright owners.

We want to build a permanent archive of old houses on the Web. So unless you specifically tell us not to, we'll keep and display certain information and images you have provided, after the listing has expired, subject to the following conditions:

  • your listing will be put on archive status and not visible to buyers searching for houses to buy
  • no contact or price information will be displayed on archived listings
  • we will retain and display copyright information
  • we will not sell to third parties retained information or images, or access to them
  • we will not retain, without permission, your personal information
  • we will not retain, without permission, images with people, or signs with logos, names or phone numbers, or other personally identifiable elements
  • we will not display, without permission, street address or numbers
  • we will, upon request of the copyright owner, render invisible street numbers or names visible in archived photos

We will not sell information about you to third parties without your explicit and prior consent.

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