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Why list your house on OldHouses.com?

Many Old House Lovers Will See It.

Our site is designed specifically for prospective old house buyers.

For over a decade, we have appeared prominently in Google and other search engines when users search for old house real estate.

Once on the web site, prospective buyers can easily find your listing by location, style, price and other features.

New listings are also sent out to our mailing list, which currently includes over 13,000 subscribers.

We cannot guarantee that you will receive leads from your listing, but we do guarantee that many thousands will see it.

No Commissions or Restrictions.

You pay $50 to list your property for up to 90 days. You can pay a little more to feature your listing or display more images, but these are optional.

When the listing expires, you can renew it at the same price as often as you like (every fifth listing or renewal is free).

Your Listing, Your Contact Information, Your Lead.

When your listing detail page is displayed, only your contact information appears on the page. Prospective buyers can use our contact form to reach you, but you can also include your phone number email right on the page (most sellers do).

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to for leads to contact you.

Listings are easy to add and change.

Our listing editor lets you quickly and easily add, edit, and delete information about your house. You can even modify your listing after you have published it live to the site. Changes you make to your listing are reflected on the site immediately. No waiting!

Agents and FSBO sellers are welcome.

We accept listings from real estate agents as well as individual sellers. Agents are encouraged to link their listings to existing MLS pages, virtual tours, or other pages on their own site.

You Are In Control.

You can add as much or as little content as you want to your listing, and you can change it anytime, yourself.

Multiple listing discounts

Want to create multiple listings? We offer volume discounts. And, you may want to become an agent on OldHouses.com. Here's more information.

Be Our Guest.

You can add a listing as a guest user. If you like the way it works, you can register your account at any time.

Many Have Already Benefited.

"I sold my listing... Thanks to your GREAT site."
- Connie P.

"Many thanks, I got two calls the first day!"
- Julia B.

"It was amazing. Our Realtor really had to work at keeping up with all of the requests and scheduling the showings. We sold the house in three weeks. We sold the house "sight unseen" because the listing contained so much information about the property the buyers never actually saw the property until after closing. The buyers were very happy with the purchase. I have recommended your site to all of the area realtors and other sellers I know."
- Linda P.

"We sold our home very quickly using your site."
- Kari S.

"I was astonished at the number of people who saw our listing on your site. I honestly think that we could have saved the money we spent on other advertising and listing vehicles and used OldHouses.com solely. All of the truly interested 'shoppers' came from OldHouses.com."
- Lisa C.

"We are very pleased with the number of inquiries we've gotten in just a few days. The exposure is wonderful - especially for us, because the local market for our house is limited."
- Alvaro C.

"Your site did a wonderful job of selling my house for sale--local real estate agent said it would take a year to sell at a smaller price. I plan on listing another home in three weeks. Thanks"
- William W.

"Thank you so much for keeping me informed on my potential listing. I believe I have someone to rent it now. I'm keeping your site in mind for either a rental in the future or when we sell our bungalow."
- Virginia A.

"I am a Realtor listing this home for sale. Very user friendly. I like the ease of editing the listing at any time. Very nice site and we'll get good exposure to a specific buyer."
- Trish H.

"Great site, perfect for listing my Queen Anne. What a great interface! Easy to use, works like a charm, quick uploads, in general really first-class. Kudos!"
- Thea M.

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Norma Coursey

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