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Helping To Preserve the Glory of Our Historic Heritage.

The Archives

are a permanent collection of listings with images and information about old houses and other historic buildings:

  • landmark historic buildings and structures
  • Bed and Breakfast Inns
  • museums and public spaces
  • buildings lost to history
  • old-house stories and anecdotes

If you have questions or suggestions about our Archives, contact us.

Become a Part of The Archives.

  • No Cost or Obligation
  • All submissions are subject to approval
  • Archives can include unlimited text information and photos.
  • You control what is displayed, including street numbers and names.
  • Personal information won't be visible.
  • Archives can't indicate that a property is for sale or rent, unless you purchase listing services.

Our Mission

is to gather, and record for posterity, a permanent collection of images and information about our architectural heritage.

We further strive to assist and support those who keep old houses economically viable and available for public enjoyment.

These Archives will remain free and available to the public as long as the website is running.

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