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Shannon Howard

Shannon Howard

Realtor / Vintage House Specialist

specializing in vintage & unique homes

Hi there! We're Keith & Shannon Howard, a husband & wife real estate team that specializes in vintage houses in the St. Louis Missouri area - 1980s & earlier. We match unique people with exceptional homes, gardens & garages. We're also old house experts, with extensive knowledge of old house systems, architecture and quirks.

Shannon became a full-time Realtor in 2011. Keith joined the team in 2016. Now we're trusted real estate advisors to hundreds of clients, with more than $50 million in closed sales.

Historic gems, Mid-Century Modern, charming bungalows, cool contemporaries, suburban mini farms, classic St. Louis brick beauties....we've sold them all! And seen countless other amazing properties along the way!

We pride ourselves on being your partner and intuitive guide during the real estate process, not just salespeople just trying to get a deal done. We help home sellers devise the best strategy for earning top dollar and then skillfully negotiate on their behalf. We also help home buyers find the right house for their needs, calling out potential repair problems, navigating offers & inspections and ensuring a good investment overall.

So how can we help YOU?
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Agent No. 480

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