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Marilyn Berger & Associates

Marilyn Berger & Associates

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"Never too big or too small, Marilyn Berger will sell it all!"

As a lifelong resident of Lancaster County, Marilyn Berger has been helping individuals and families buy and sell homes and businesses throughout the area since 1979. It’s an area she knows well from the eclectic diversity and historic landmarks of Lancaster City to the luxurious suburban neighborhoods that peacefully co-exist with nearby family farms. Her unique experience helps her locate the perfect properties for buyers and price homes to maximize value and sell quickly.

While her love of real estate drew her to become a real estate agent, it's her passion for people that has made her career a success. Marilyn spends time with her clients, carefully listening to their needs. She gets to know them and understand the goals they have for buying or selling their homes. But, more than that, Marilyn is always seeking win-win opportunities, where everyone walks away from the table feeling good about the deal.

“I tell my associates that we have one thing to give, and that is our service,” Marilyn says proudly. “We are assisting people to spend the greatest amount of money at one time in their lives. I stress integrity and honesty.”
1201 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
717-291-1228 Phone
717-468-0407 Mobile

Agent No. 3824

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