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Jodie Boutwell

Jodie Boutwell


Land to Luxury and Everything in Between!!

**Why Choose an Old Home in NH?
Discover the allure of timeless charm and solid craftsmanship. These homes stand tall, whispering tales of the past and promising endless possibilities. From restoring antique fireplaces to transforming attics into cozy retreats, every nook is an opportunity for your creativity to shine. Embrace the warmth of a community that shares your love for history, where neighbors become friends, and traditions bind generations.

Why We Love Old Homes:
More than just structures, these homes are living museums, waiting for you to breathe life into their walls. I, as your Realtor, understand the sentiment behind each nail, preserving the essence of the past while ushering you into a future full of cherished moments.

Explore Your Options:
Dive into our curated listings of vintage homes in NH, handpicked with your dreams in mind. Colonial classics in Concord, Victorian gems in Portsmouth – each home is a testament to a rich legacy waiting for the right owner. Let’s find your perfect match. #NHVintageHomes #TimelessCharmNH

Ready to Make History?
Call me, your dedicated Realtor, today! Together, we’ll unlock the door to your new old home adventure. Let’s craft your story within the historical tapestry of New Hampshire. #HomeSweetHistory #LiveInLegacy

Embrace the past, live in the present, and create a future steeped in the warmth of your very own New Hampshire historical haven. Let’s turn your dream home into a reality!
1 Club Acre Ln
Bedford, NH 03110
O: 603.472.1010 Phone
Direct 603.369.1403 Mobile

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Agent No. 4235

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