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Robert W Neill, Jr, Real Estate Broker

Robert W Neill Jr

Real Estate Broker
Licensed REALTOR®

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As the owner of my own properties over the years including a small farm outside of Memphis, living in a historic home, a farm owned by the family since the 1830's, Mississippi Delta farmland and timber properties, properties on the Gulf Coast and in the New Orleans and Acadiana areas, I have a unique perspective as both an agent and owner and familiarity with many of the most unique areas in the South. As a Real Estate Broker, I focus on residential, commercial, investment, agricultural, hunting, and recreational properties. I have completed hundreds of credit hours of real estate training and I try to keep up with the most up to date changes in the industry including technology, diversity, and going green. As a solo professional, I am able to concentrate on the specific needs of a small number of buyers or sellers that I represent rather than trying to list large volumes of properties. I work with clients who have special needs including disability, mobility, health, and other factors that require them to have accessible housing. As a caregiver for many years, I understand the complexities and problems that many face. I also work with international clients who want to purchase properties and acquire businesses such as hotels, motels, retail stores, franchises, and other types in the United States. I use all possible means of technology to work with clients with special communication needs including FaceTime, Skype, Viber, ICQ, WeChat, Tango, and BlackBerry Messenger and through text messaging to either of my cellphones
(601) 519-0075 or (504) 613-0025. Feel free to contact me with your buying or selling needs. I also can do referrals for buyers or sellers to experienced agents anywhere in the United States and in many international areas.
PO Box 264
Carrollton, MS 38917
601-519-0075 Phone
504-613-0025 Mobile
5046130025 Fax

Agent No. 3670

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