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1918 Greek Revival photo
1918 Greek Revival
Barnesville, Georgia
1916 Colonial Revival photo
1916 Colonial Revival
Cobb County, Georgia
1844 Greek Revival photo
c. 1844 Greek Revival
Cochran, Georgia
1909 Greek Revival photo
1909 Greek Revival
Colbert, Georgia
1867 Greek Revival photo
1867 Greek Revival
Covington, Georgia
1884 Greek Revival photo
c. 1884 Greek Revival
Cuthbert, Georgia
1846 Colonial Revival photo
c. 1846 Colonial Revival
Hogansville, Georgia
1866 Gothic Revival photo
1866 Gothic Revival
Jefferson, Georgia
1906 Greek Revival photo
1906 Greek Revival
Lagrange, Georgia
1915 Mediterranean Revival photo
1915 Mediterranean Revival
Lagrange, Georgia
1847 Greek Revival photo
c. 1847 Greek Revival
Macon, Georgia
1905 Greek Revival photo
1905 Greek Revival
Madison, Georgia
1906 Early Classical Revival photo
1906 Early Classical Revival
Mc Rae, Georgia
1902 Colonial Revival photo
1902 Colonial Revival
Mcdonough, Georgia
1890 Gothic Revival photo
1890 Gothic Revival
Milledgeville, Georgia
1900 Greek Revival photo
1900 Greek Revival
Milledgeville, Georgia
 Colonial Revival photo
Colonial Revival
Milledgeville - capital of Georgia early 1800s, Georgia
1845 Greek Revival photo
1845 Greek Revival
near Pine Mountain, Georgia
1856 Greek Revival photo
c. 1856 Greek Revival
Newnan, Georgia
1910 Greek Revival photo
c. 1910 Greek Revival
Newnan, Georgia
 Greek Revival photo
c. Greek Revival
Newnan, Georgia
1990 Early Classical Revival photo
1990 Early Classical Revival
Rincon, Georgia
Bed & Breakfast
1847 Colonial Revival photo
1847 Colonial Revival
Savannah, Georgia
Old House Museum
1842 Greek Revival photo
1842 Greek Revival
Savannah, Georgia
 Tudor Revival photo
c. Tudor Revival
Soperton, Georgia
Old House Museum
1898 Early Classical Revival photo
c. 1898 Early Classical Revival
St Marys, Georgia
1906 Colonial Revival photo
1906 Colonial Revival
Sylvania, Georgia
1950 Colonial Revival photo
1950 Colonial Revival
Twin City, Georgia
Old House Museum
1930 Greek Revival photo
1930 Greek Revival
Tybee Island, Georgia
1900 Greek Revival photo
c. 1900 Greek Revival
Wadley, Georgia
1927 Tudor Revival photo
1927 Tudor Revival
Honolulu, Hawaii
1937 Colonial Revival photo
1937 Colonial Revival
Bellevue, Iowa
1900 Gothic Revival photo
c. 1900 Gothic Revival
Charles City, Iowa
Old House Museum
1923 Tudor Revival photo
1923 Tudor Revival
Des Moines, Iowa
Old House Museum
1872 Gothic Revival photo
c. 1872 Gothic Revival
Boise, Idaho
Bed & Breakfast
1904 Colonial Revival photo
1904 Colonial Revival
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
1870 Greek Revival photo
c. 1870 Greek Revival
Altamont, Illinois
1928 Tudor Revival photo
1928 Tudor Revival
Aurora, Illinois
1898 Romanesque Revival photo
c. 1898 Romanesque Revival
Chicago, Illinois
1929 Tudor Revival photo
c. 1929 Tudor Revival
East Dundee, Illinois
1912 Tudor Revival photo
1912 Tudor Revival
Evanston, Illinois
1852 Greek Revival photo
1852 Greek Revival
Galena, Illinois
1870 Gothic Revival photo
1870 Gothic Revival
Galva, Illinois
1912 Colonial Revival photo
1912 Colonial Revival
Hardin, Illinois
Old House Museum
1921 Tudor Revival photo
c. 1921 Tudor Revival
Oak Brook, Illinois
1927 Tudor Revival photo
1927 Tudor Revival
Oak Park, Illinois
1856 Greek Revival photo
c. 1856 Greek Revival
Old Mill Creek, Illinois
1853 Gothic Revival photo
1853 Gothic Revival
Oneida, Illinois
1851 Gothic Revival photo
c. 1851 Gothic Revival
Oregon, Illinois
1889 Tudor Revival photo
1889 Tudor Revival
Quincy, Illinois
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