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Kat Vallish

Kat Vallish


Here to help you realize your Real Estate dreams.

Over 9 years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent.
Over 36 years as a Real Estate Investors.

I have personally restored three Old Homes two of which were born in 1929 and the third was completed in 1939. I have done everything from sanding and refinishing hardwood to stripping multiple layers of old wallpaper. These older ladies loved the face lift and only showed their age through their unique craftsmanship. They were all just gorgeous.

I have always loved old homes from my earliest memories. I spent a large part of my childhood and early adulthood living in a 1890's Hunting Lodge turned Single Family home called Seven Gables in North Augusta South Carolina. It was a amazing home with many secrets. Whenever it rained, you could smell pipe tobacco.
914 Plymouth Drive
Lake Spivey, GA 30236
678-610-0785 Phone
678-468-7561 Mobile

Agent No. 3993

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