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Old House Related Publications

We're building an extensive database of old house related publications. Want the old house community to know about your old-house business, service or organization? Submit Your Resource to

Living In History

Living In History:
Living In History contains detailed house portraits drawn by Eli Ofir, accompanied by in-depth historical research from House Historians Jane Davidson and Rosalind Chislett, as well as stories and memories from the people actually living in the houses today. The result is a visually and academically stunning presentation of the evolution of English homes from an historical perspective, a personal perspective, and with a Gentle Twist to Perspective unique to Ofir's art. The Book is a hardcover, landscape, A4 size book, and has 122 colour pages. subscribers can recieve a 10% discount by using the code LIH2332 at Living In History: The Website.

This Old House Magazine

This Old House Magazine:
This Old House Magazine comes straight from the television show we all know and love. Bursting with great ideas and expert tips and advice, This Old House magazine helps you uncover the full potential of your old or new home. Each issue is filled with the right combination of information and inspiration.

Old House Journal Magazine

Old House Journal:
The industry staple for everything old house related. Old-House Journal Online is strictly about renovating, restoring, decorating and maintaining homes built before 1960. It provides practical content on the how-to of renovation, restoration, and preservation for both serious homeowners and professionals. Content includes a complete guide to restoration products and services, active chat boards, old-house real estate ads, classified ads for old-house items, historic house plans, preservation how-to, links to leading restoration trade shows, and recent editorial from the magazine itself.

American Bungalow Magazine

American Bungalow Magazine:
American Bungalow
magazine is published in the interest of preserving and restoring the modest American 20th century home, the Bungalow, and the rich lifestyle that it affords. Published quarterly, American Bungalow magazine features great articles about bungalow enthusiasts.

Preservation MagazinePreservation Magazine:
The official magazine of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Preservation Magazine offers informative articles about the efforts of individuals, groups, and organizations around the United States to restore and protect America's historic treasures.

Planning Commissioners Journal Planning Commissioners Journal:
Planning for historic preservation has evolved far beyond saving the homes of famous people. It now involves the revitalization of historic downtowns, as well as commercial, residential, and even industrial districts. This special 20 page issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal -- the nation's leading publication for "citizen planners" -- takes a look at the basics of planning for historic preservation. Included in the issue: an introduction to historic preservation planning; how historic preservation is integral to the principles of "smart growth"; frequently asked questions about historic preservation ordinances; and an overview of the effects of historic district zoning on tourism, job creation, and property values.

Early American Life MagazineEarly American Life Magazine:
Since 1970 Early American Life has been the source for information on early American style, decorating, and traditions. In addition, we cover both antiques and reproductions made by crafters working in period styles with traditional tools. We do it with our own style. we aim to entertain as well as educate. We're not a stodgy academic magazine but a vibrant, exciting look (we put color pictures on nearly every page) at our traditions and heritage. Among the facts on our pages, you're apt to find smiles, occasionally a chuckle, and solid information that has given us the reputation as the essential magazine about early Americana.

Book photo The Window Sash Bible is about the repair, maintenance, restoration and improvement of old or historic windows made from about 1800 to 1940. With so much misinformation provided by replacement window contractors and vendors, this book aids homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, carpenters, architects, designers, preservation commission members, and anyone in the old-house business make sound decisions about windows.