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If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

General FAQ

Do you list ALL old houses for sale?

No, but we are working on it. Until then, consult a variety of sources, including this one, when you are searching for an old house to buy.

I want more information about a listing on your site.

If the listing is for sale, contact the seller directly. You will find contact information below the pictures. There is usually an email address and/or phone number, or else a Contact Seller link.

If there is no contact information, and no Contact Seller link, the listing is not for sale. It is from our Archives (look at the top of the page to be sure).

Generally, what we know about an archived listing is already visible on the listing page. But if it is an operating Bed and Breakfast, or if it is open to the public, look for a phone number, email address, or web site link to get more information.

Can you provide me with information on available properties in my area?

What homes we know about are on our Web site. Use our Advanced Search page to locate listings in or near a specific location.

We do not provide catalogs or brochures. Sign up for our mailing list to receive a weekly email with new additions to our site.

I need advice or information about my own house.

We here at are avid lovers of all old architecture, but we don't claim to be experts.

Still, if you have a question about your house, feel free to contact us with questions, or even send us a pic. We'll tell you what we think.

How many hits/visits does get?

Roughly 4000 visitors a day, and about 50,000 page views.

Are you aware of anyone looking to purchase old appliances, reclaimed wood and hardware, etc.?

We do not currently have a classified section available; but we encourage you to contact suppliers on our Resource page who may be interested in purchasing these items, post these items on Ebay or other type of auction/classified site, or contact your local preservation society. Any of these avenues will help you obtain better answers and referrals than is able to provide.

Email FAQ

What Email Do you Send, and How Often?

Each Friday morning we send out an email with all new listings added in the previous week.

Each Monday morning we will send you a Listing Digest, if you have an account with at least one listing.

For each listing you publish, we will send one reminder to renew it and one expiration notice.

We very occasionally send out messages about new features.

If we detect a lot of suspicious inquiries about our listings, we may notify our users with active listings.

This web site has never sent out promotional email or email about products and services. We may do so one day, but you can tell us you don't want them anytime.

How do I get on/off your mailing list?

Change your mailing list status by going to the Mailing List page.

You don't need an account to be on our mailing list, but if you have an account, you can specify the type of email you want to receive and exactly which emails you want.: go to Email Options. There is a link to this on Your Account Home Page.

Why haven't I received any email notifications from

Most email notifications from are sent to mailing list subscribers. Check your subscription status. Important messages such as purchase receipts and listing expirations will be sent regardless of your subscription status. Please check your account email address and verify that it is up-to-date and correct. If you continue to have problems receiving messages from, update your spam filter settings to receive emails from the domain and as always you can contact us with any questions.

Note: Because of the varying email clients and spam filters, we cannot provide support for individual email/spam customizations. Please contact your ISP or network administrator for assistance.

Account FAQ

Do I need an account to use this site?

No. You can view our listings, resources and agent lists, without logging in or signing up. You can also get on our mailing list without an account, if you want to receive our Weekly New Listings email.

But you do need an account if you want to publish a listing. Even if you don't, accounts give you more control over the email you receive, and allow you to save listings and searches that you like.

Do accounts cost anything?

No, accounts are free. We only charge for listing services.

How do I get an account?

Click the Your Account link at the very top right of any page on our site.

If you see the Login page, look for and click the Create Account link.

However, you may have a guest account if you have started a listing or just gotten on our mailing list. In that case, look for the Register Account link.

How do I recover my lost username and/or password?

Our Account Password Recovery page allows you to recover your username and/or password. There is a link to this on the Login page.

If you continue to have problems accessing your account, contact us.

Listing Help FAQ

How do I list a house for sale or rent?

Easy! Go to the List Your House link in the right side toolbar and follow the steps to add your listing. When you have added all your information and images, click Publish Listing in the top-right of your listing preview page.

How much does it cost to list a house?

The Basic Listing Service ($50/90 days) is required to list a house on Please refer to the Pricing and Services for more info.

Are there any listing discounts or specials?

Yes. Every 5th listing listing or renewal is free.

Who can list houses on

Anyone can list a house on FSBO and agent-listed old houses are all welcome.

How do I pay for my listing?

Payments can be made through when you publish your listing. We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Our web site is secured by Verisign to provide you the highest level of security and comfort when submitting your credit card information.

If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please make payable to Copley Internet Systems and send to 400 Clement Ave. Charlotte, NC 28204. Once your check or money order has been successfully processed your listing will be published.

How do I edit my listing?

You can edit your listing by going to Your Account then clicking the Edit Listing link for your listing.

How long will it take to reflect changes I make to my listing?

Once you submit changes to an active listing they are reflected immediately on the web site.

However, if your listing is featured on our home page, your changes will not be updated until that page is updated by us. Please contact us after making changes to a listing that appears on the home page.

How many images can I put on my listing?

Up to 4 images are included in a basic listing and you can add as many as you want by purchasing additional image services for your listing. Go to the Pricing and Services page for more info.

How do I upload images to my listing?

We have a special page to answer this one. Go to the image guidelines for more info.

Why aren't my images showing on my listing?

While we have taken all measures to make sure our Image Manager handles your images correctly and quickly. Corrupt image files and unsupported image formats can prohibit your images from displaying properly on your listing. Please refer to our Image Guidelines for more info or contact us with any additional questions.

How do I view the number of hits for my listing?

The listing counter is activated automatically when you publish your listing. From then on, the view count will display on Your Account page for each listing where it is activated.

How do I feature my listing?

When you publish your listing, you are given all available services and features for your listing. Select any/all feature service(s) then proceed to the next step of the publish process. If you have already published your listing, go to Your Account and click the Add Services link for the listing you want to feature.

How do I renew my listing?

Go to Your Account and click the Renew Listing link for the listing you want to renew.

Will my listing be automatically renewed?

Nope. We may add auto-renewal support in the future but for now we'll just send you email reminders about your listing status.

Will I be notified to renew my listing?

Yes. We send out weekly notifications by email letting you know the status of your listing(s). If your account notification settings are turned off you will only receive a renewal notice after your listing expires.

My listing has sold, what do I do now?

If your listing is still active, you can change the listing status to sold by going to Your Account and editing your listing. If your listing has sold and has expired we invite you to share your house in our Old House Archive. Just click the Archive Listing link on Your Account page.

How do I remove my listing?

If your listing term is active you can hide your listing by going to Your Account and clicking the Hide Listing link for your listing. If it has expired you can Discard it from Your Account page.

I just published my listing but I don't see it, Why?

You should receive an email confirmation when your listing is published. If you did not receive an email, it may be that you stopped on the Final Confirmation page, so the listing is still pending.

To check this, go to your Account Home page. If your listing still shows as Pending, you can use the Publish Listing link to complete the process.

If the listing shows as visible, click the View Listing link to verify that it is working. If it isn't showing up in searches, double-check the price and style of the listing.

And as always, contact us if you need assistance.

Why haven't I received any responses about my listing?

First, check the contact information on your listing page and verify that it is correct.

Occasionally, emails get hung up for one reason or another. If you have doubts about whether emails are reaching you, send a test message, or ask a friend to do so, and make sure you receive them.

Keep in mind that is not uncommon for listings to receive thousands of page views, but a relative handful of leads. We target our site directly at old house lovers, but there is no guarantee that the right buyer will be among the ones that see your listing.

I'm listed with a real estate agent. Can I still list my house on

Yes. You and/or your agent can list your house on, however, you may want to check with your agent first to clear up any contract obligations prohibiting you from listing your house.

I purchased the Home Page Feature Service, why isn't my listing showing on the home page?

Space on the home page is limited and scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If your feature doesn't run on the dates specified in your email receipt, it is backlogged. Contact us to find out when it is scheduled or to request a time to run the feature.

Do you accept listings for old buildings?

Yep. We want to celebrate the glory of old houses and the old buildings that tell the stories of our history. All old houses and buildings are welcome.

Archive Listing FAQ

What are archive listings?

The Old House Archives are a permanent collection of images and information about pre-1950 houses and other historic structures. For more info please visit Old House Archives Information or browse the archives.

How much does it cost to list an archive listing?

It's free, so share your old house and its stories with the rest of the world, archive your house today!

Advertising FAQ

I would like to know how I go about advertising on your website and what is the cost to do so?

We offer advertising for old house related web sites and services in our resource section. The cost is determined after a consultation for the type of ad requested. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have any marketing materials I could customize with my information?

At this time we do not provide any customizable marketing materials or affiliate programs.